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 Welcome !  is an initiative to provide a Common Platform to the members of Charmakar  Samaj to facilitate them to Seek or Share needful Basic Social Information and to have intra-community social dialogue, interaction and cooperation for all-round social development and progress.

  This platform is Catalytic, Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Partisan and has
on following topics of Charmakar Samaj :-
  Basic Social Information
  Who's Who of Social Organizations
  Who's Who of Prominent Persons
  Forums for Common Cause
  Constructive, Creative & Competitive Activity
  Newsletter for social dialogue & interaction
  Help to the needy and underprivileged

  We welcome your views, suggestions and a query ! Please share with us any notable and newsworthy information on social happenings of Charmakar Samaj. Please do write us !

 This forum is for Charmakars ! But, 'Who are Charmakars' ?
 Must visit...
 Organization : Rachana Officers Social Association (ROSA)
 Noteworthy Articles and Books : by Charmakar Writers and Other Writers

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