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Society Attacks
Early When 
the Individual is

B. F. Skinner

To be in the
to be in the

G. K. Chesterton

Only the Person
who has
Faith in himself
is able to be
Faithful to other

Erich Fromm

He who
will not Reason
is a Bigot ;
He who cannot 
is a Fool, &
He who dares not
is a Slave !

Sir W. Drummond..

We cannot always
build the future
for our youth;
but we can 
build our youth
for the future !

Franklin D Roosevelt..

Makes Us
to Others,
Ourselves !

La Rochefoucauld...

 Welcome !

    www.charmakars.org  is an initiative to provide a Common Platform to the members of 'Charmakar  Samaj' (SC).  
    It aims to facilitate all members of the community  to Seek or Share needful Basic Social Information with an objective to promote intra-community social dialogue, social interaction and cooperation for all-round social development and progress.

  Nature of this platform is Catalytic, Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Partisan and Voluntary.

  As of now, Charmakar Samaj members are present all over the country. However, they find themselves  socially fragmented, scattered (dislocated), disconnected, isolated and also wanting for a dignified and quality social life across the country.

 In pursuance of our aims and objectives, we have undertaken following activities:-

To get to know Basic Social Information of own community
To build Who's Who Directory of Social Organizations
To build Who's Who Directory of Prominent Persons
To set up Forums for entrepreneurs, professionals, experts
Emphasize on Education, Employment, Matrimonial issues 
Promote Creative, Constructive and Developmental Activity
Community's Newsletter for social dialogue & interaction
Extend Helping Hand to the deserving & genuine needy
 Who are Charmakars ?

 The Hindu Charmakar Samaj (हिंदू चर्मकार समाज) is broadly known as the Cobbler community. This caste has different names in different states of the country, as per local languages and varied cultural traditions. These Charmakar Caste names are shown below (in alphabetical order) :- 

Ahirwar (अहिरवार), Asadaru (असादरु), Asodi (असोदी), Bairwa (बैरवा), Bambhi (बांभी), Bhambhi (भांभी), Bhambi (भांबी), Chamadiya (चामडिया), Chamar (चमार), Chamari (चमारी), Chambhar (चांभार), Chamgar (चमगार), Chanwar Chamar (चंवर चमार), Charmakar (चर्मकार), Dhusia (धुसिया), Dhor (ढोर), Dohor (डोहोर), Haralayya (हरळय्या), Harali (हराळी), Jatav (जाटव), Jatav Chamar (जाटव चमार), Jatava (जाटवा), Jatia (जटिया), Jatia Chamar (जटिया चमार), Jatya (जाटिया), Jhusia (झुसिया), Kakkaya (कक्कय्या), Kamati Mochi (कामाटी मोची), Khalpa (खालपा), Machigar (माचीगार), Madar (मादर), Madig (मादिग), Mangan (मंगन), Mochi (मोची), Muchi (मुची), Nalia (नालीया), Nona (नोना), Rabidas (रबिदास), Raidas (रायदास), Raigar (रैगर), Ramdasi (रामदासी), Ramnami (रामनामी ), Ranigar (राणीगार), Ravidasi (रविदासी), Regar(रेगर),  Rehgar (रेहगर), Rishi (रीषी), Rohidas (रोहीदास), Rohit (रोहित), Ruidas (रूईदास), Samgaar (समगार), Satnami (सतनामी), Surajyabanshi (सूरज्यबंशी), Surjyabanshi (सूर्जयावंशी), Surjyaramnami (सूर्जयारामनामी), Telegu Mochi (तेलगु मोची).

  We request knowledgeable community members to check above mentioned names of Charmakar castes (with sub-castes or akin castes) from an old Census List of All India Scheduled Castes or any other authentic source and suggest us any mistakes in above mentioned list. Also point out any omission of names by us, especially from southern states, north-east, Orissa, West Bengal etc. to help us update the data. 

  We will appreciate your suggestions about availability of study papers, research reports, PhD thesis, reference books, Govt GRs and Caste Commission Reports on the subject.

 Write us in English, or Hindi or Marathi language.

This website is going to be upgraded and converted to PHP CMS format with member login provision, shortly..

 Charmakar Samaj

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Our task now is
not to
fix blame
for the past,
But to fix the course
for the future !

J. F. Kennedy

Not failure,
Low aim
is crime !

J. R. Lowell

We must always
Change, Renew, Rejuvenate ourselves,
Harden !


Whenever you see darkness,
there is extraordinary opportunity for
the light
to burn brighter.



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