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    News Letter 2016
Nashik Division ROSA get-together at Nashik on January 20,2016 :

      Nashik Division unit of ROSA (Rachana Officers Social Association) held a get together at Nashik on January 20,2016 which was attended by over 100 officers and professionals from the community. It was guided by Shri. Babanrao @ Nana Gholap (former Maharashtra Minister for Social Welfare), and among others present were Shri. H.A. Bakhare (Jt Commissioner, Sales Tax, Nashik Dvn), Kashinath Gawale (Dy Dvnl Commr, Social Welfare, Nashik Dvn), Dattatrey T. Gotise (Dy Commr, NMC), Dilip Govind (Senior Education officer and President of Nashik ROSA), Wakchaure (Prant, Nashik), Sonawane (Dy Collector, Land Acquisition, Nashik), Suresh Ahirrao (Executive Engr, MSEDCL, Nashik), Pramod Wankhedkar (Officer in Agriculture Dev Dept), Devidas Panzade (Officer in BPCL Nashik), Ramesh Kamble (Jail Supdt, NRCP), Rtd Judge J.C. Shirsale, Khairnar and Baviskar (Engineers PWD). Pramod Gholap (MSRTC) and Kiran Wagh (Industrialist, Sinnar) were organizers.

     Babanrao @ Nana Gholap, in his inspiring speech expressed the need to build a think tank of Charmakar intellectuals, academicians, officers, professionals etc to maintain an edge of our community over others in this fast developing era of multiple capabilities and opportunities. He added that the ROSA founded by Dr. Vitthalrao Dandge (Nagpur) was complimenting the working of Maharashtra Charmakar Mahasangh (MCM), while the MCM, founded by Nana Gholap was lending crucial support to sustain ROSA activities.

     Nana Gholap elaborated on the working structure of MCM, its recent activities including Vivah Melawas held in various districts of Maharashtra. Revealing that the MCM programmes were evoking huge response from the community people across the state, he exhorted that it was high time for the Charmakars to register their presence and rally around MCM activities in a massive way. He held that forging strong unity among community people and massive display of their strength were key factors that every Charmakar should bear in mind, because without it the community would never get any political benefit from the powers to be and their problems would remain unresolved. Narrating his own experiences while officiating as a cabinet minister for social welfare, he stated that he was able to help large number of SC people in general and the Charmakars in particular and was happy that he could utilize maximum of available grants for genuine social welfare purposes and launch better schemes for the backward students, e.g. free-ship for taking abroad education etc during his tenure. He underlined that maintaining unity and organizing a show of strength was directly proportional to the community’s development and betterment under the present political setup.

       Nana informed on widening goal and area activity of Maharashtra Charmakar Mahasangh in future and announced that a “National Convention cum Workshop of the MCM” would held at Nashik on March 5-6,2016, to be attended by prominent delegates of the community from Maharashtra and various other states (target of at least 50 from each state). Dr P L Punia (Chairman of National Commission for Schedule Castes) and other top dignitaries from Charmakars would be invited. He added that there are 15 MLAs and 3 MPs from Maharashtra Charmakar community. Though they are representing different political parties, they would keep their politics out of the platform of Charmakars and would contribute to their best for the community people.

    Other speakers spoke on the occasion.

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