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We need voluntary assistance of local Jatav community people to prepare this profile. Therefore knowledgeable persons are requested to share useful information.

Jatav, also called Jatia, Jatba and in the Jammu region Jatoi, is a sub-caste of the Chamar.

Jatavs are Charmakars i,e, leather workers by Caste trade. They are mostly inhabitants of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab. The Jatavs believe that their caste name came from Yadav, the lineage of the clan of Shri Krishna. However some say it came from word 'jat' i.e. camel driver, while others hold that it is derived from word Jat, i.e. the dominant farming caste of Haryana, by way of relations of Jat men and Jatav women. The Jatavs reject this connection with Jats. They also claimed not to be Chamars and petitioned the government of the British Raj to be officially classified differently. They felt that by disassociating themselves from the Chamar community would, enhance their acceptance as kshatriya. These claims were not accepted by other castes. In the 1931 census they demanded to be enumerated as Jatav-Rajputs. However in later Census they had enumerated themselves as Chamar.

May like to more information on Jatav ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jatav )



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