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We need voluntary assistance of local Regar community people to prepare this profile. Therefore knowledgeable persons are requested to share useful information.


The Regar, Rehghar, Raigar are a social group found in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, and Rajasthan. They originate from Marwar region and speak Marwari Rajasthani language.

In Rajasthan, most of Regar community and its akin castes claim that they are not Charmakars i.e. Chamars. They try to justify that they actually belong to one of the 15 Raghuvanshi Kshatriya clans and state that the Regar name had come from Rag, which was a corrupt form of Raghu. They allege that under some political conspiracy their caste names were clubbed with the Chamar caste in the SC Caste List of 1950  as some feudal minded Jats had not liked mingling of a section of Regars with the Jatavs and Chamars. The 1956 Kaka Kalelkar Commission Report on SCs of Rajasthan held that Regars were an occupational caste, which Regars did not agree to. However, they do admit a fact that Regar and akin castes had been engaged in the traditional work of leather tanning. Nevertheless, they stick to their claim that they had been subjected to do tanning work by way of an atrocity against them by the uppercastes and hence Regars  are not Chamars. They argue that if Regar name had originated from Raigar or Rehgar being followers of Guru Raidas or Ravidas (Chamar) or by doing colouring (tanning) (Ranghar / Rangar) of leather (hide of an animal), then why the Chamars in UP, Punjab who were engaged in tanning work for ages are not being called Regar or for that matter, why followers of Ravidas are called Ravidassia not Regars. They get annoyed when called Regars are Chamars of Rajasthan. They are still obsessed to prove that their caste name came from 'Reh' (saline land) as earlier they used do salt business. But this analogy did not click as Regar has no connection either with Namak (salt) or Registan. The Regars are still trying to explore new ways to come out of Chamar club. They are now finding some hope that Regar name might be connected with Raghisthan, a district place in Afghanistan.

In Gujarat, the All India Raigar Mahasabha, Ahmedabad is making serious efforts to seek inclusion of Raigar Caste (along with Raiger, Regar, Rehgar)  in the SC list of Gujarat state since many years and had written to the CM, Gujarat and various authorities claiming how they deserved to be in the SC list. They demanded that the Gujarat Govt should declare such caste inclusion in State SC list under Art. 341 of the Constitution of India.

 In Delhi, the Raigar, Raiger, Ranger, Regar or Rangar, spelt in various forms, are a community of leather tanners. They are also known as Raidas, Jatia, Rangya and Bota. The word Raiger is a corrupt form of Raingaya, i.e. those who engage themselves in leather tanning. Those who immigrated to Delhi from Rajasthan claim Rajput ancestry and speak in Marwari. There is a tendency among some of them to become vegetarians under the influence of the Arya Samaj or Radha Soami movements. There are three subgroups, namely Sindhi Raiger, Lashkaria Raiger and Raigar. Marriages take place among all the three. These subgroups are further divided into a number of clans (gotras), such as Phulwaria , Bandarwal, Dhuriya, Jajoria, Kankheria, Rachoiya, Mauria, Jaggarwal, Atolia, Jaluthria, Dotania, Vohra, Mehra, Heria, Rathor, Tongaria, etc.

Please refer web articles on Regars at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regar and http://raigar.net/?page_id=401.



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