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   Our Newsletter aims to play a role of 'Community Communicator' and to bridge a 'communication gap' in the community. We welcome our members to share report on any noteworthy happenings in the community. You can write in Marathi, Hindi or English, keeping in view following topics:-

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Topics for Newsletter :
Social Who's Who
Success stories of top achievers
News about Charmakar Industrialists, Entrepreneurs
Prominent Officers, Executives, Technocrats, Scientists, Professionals
  Organizations, Institutions, NGOs, Forums, Chambers, Associations etc
  Vivah Mandals, Forthcoming Vadhu-Var Melavas etc
  Media - Newspapers & TVs run by community persons and Reporters
Students & Youth
  Students & Youth issues and their grievances
  Scholarships, Incentives to Talented Students (Dist/Tal wise)
  Felicitation of top Award Winning Youth/Students (all fields)
  Felicitation of candidates passing IAS/IPS Exams
  Coaching Centres for IAS/IPS Exams, other Higher Posts
  Plight of jobless youths & Career/Vocational Guidance
Labour Issues
  Gatai workers issues
  Cases of Casteism and Atrocities
  Women, Children & Physically challenged persons
  Social, Educational and Economic priority issues
  Notable work of NGOs run by community members
  Notable RTI cases, PILs concerning Charmakars
  Websites, Facebook and Whatsapp Groups run by Charmakars
Any other relevant topic

   Please take care that your report is notable, factual and issue based. There is clarity of subject and free from boasting, motivated story and controversy. We will accept reports complying to these instructions.




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