Charmakar Samaj Social Agenda
     Aims and Objectives

   Our main Aim is to get basic information about fragmented Charmakar community and its people in India with the Objective of having social dialogue & interaction for their own betterment & community development.

     हमारा "लक्ष्य" है बिखरे हुए "चर्मकार समाज और लोगोंके" बारेमे अधिक जानकारी जुटाना; तथा "उद्देश्य" है समाजके सभी स्तरोंमें एक अच्छा सामाजीक संवाद और सहयोग स्थापीत करना, ताकी सबको समाजका विकास  और उत्कर्ष साधनेको मौका और बढावा मिले.

  Basic Organisational Issues
To get to know Basic Social Information of the community
To build Who's Who Directory of Social Organizations
To build Who's Who Directory of Prominent Persons
  Supporting the Achievers & Promising Youths
To set up Forums for entrepreneurs, professionals, etc
Emphasize on Education, Employment, Matrimonial issues 
Promote Creative, Constructive and Developmental Activity
  Community Service
Start a Newsletter for social dialogue & interaction
Extend Helping Hand to the deserving & genuine needy
  Community Development
Work on building Social Infrastructure, Social Engineering
Promote Intra and Inter Caste Activity for Social Progress
Promote Social Mainstreaming of all Castes for National Unity
  General Outlook
Promote Positivity, Rationality, Communal Unity, Integrity & Harmony

    Nature of this platform is Catalytic (सामाजीक उत्प्रेरक), Non-Profit (बिना नफा), Non-Political (राजनीती निरपेक्ष), Non-Partisan (निष्पक्ष) & Voluntary (स्वेच्छा पूर्वक). We believe in promoting self-help (स्वयं सहायता) approach, encouraging team-work (एकात्म संघभावना), fostering mutual trust (आपसी विश्वास व तालमेल) and sportsmanship (खेल भावना). Let us open window to the world where our competition lies and real parity and freedom exists.




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