Basic Social Information of Charmakar Samaj
Overview :

Every person is expected to know the Basic Social Information of his/her own Caste as an expression of social sensibility, responsibility and concern. Without this none would ever be capable of fulfilling any social commitment towards one's family, community, neighbourhood and society in general across the country.

Road-map for building Basic Social Information of Charmakar Samaj :

Step by Step you can build desired social history of your Caste, as follows-

  Conventional Social Knowledge - (ancient to the modern times)

- scriptural, mythological, traditional, customary, cultural, discriminatory, taboos, privileges (if any), folk stories, oral history of community's heroes & saints, etc.  

Caste History -

- As per old documents and records - Charmakar Castes & Sub-castes across the country, linguistic divisions, migrations, struggles for social justice, social dignity, and political power, participation in India's freedom struggle etc 

Socio-Anthropological Study - as per parameters of social sciences
Demographic Study - as per parameters of social sciences
  Human Development Index (HDI) -
- as per global norms of measuring average status of peoples' health, education, per capita income, socio-economic progress and standard of living
Political Role  - as per academic studies
Developmental Studies -

- Status Paper on (a) outstanding contribution of the prominent persons from the community - state, national and international levels (b) evaluation of leadership acumen of community people on all fronts and (c) anchor role of community peoples' organizations and institutions  in all areas including social, political,  educational, financial, judicial, administrative, managerial, industrial capacities etc .

- Paper on achieving social development by redefining, restructuring and revitalizing existing social environment with new constructive and creative ideas.

- Paper on review and remedy on critical issues like social justice, social change vis a vis constitutional provisions, educational achievement, economic progress, social engineering, building social infrastructure and generating new social assets.

- Vision Paper on community's future development prospects for next 25 years
Present Social Agenda :
    National Social Mainstreaming for national unity and integrity.

PS: Building basic social information is a collective responsibility of all members of the community & don't ever expect anything from Govt. & rival caste people.

Social information building is a very hard, tedious and relentlessly demanding job, especially in respect of all backward, tribal and underprivileged communities. Besides, it requires high degree of qualified approach, objectivity, truth, integrity, rationality, transparency, openness and giving free access of this social information to other members of the community, being equal partners.

Appeal : Researchers and Scholars are requested to work on building social information and share their observations with us.




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