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   We believe that community's charitable forums do a great service to the poorer sections of the community. They indirectly help to uplift the condition of poor sections, and put the strength and spirit of the community people to test. Other forums also help to keep the flock of community's intellectuals, industrialists, professionals, executives, officers, creative people together, with unequivocal display of parity and understanding.   

  At this juncture, we request our community members to share as below:

1) Social Forums and NGOs already being run by our community members - Please share information on type of work undertaken, area of activity and notable experiences. 

2) Our community members already engaged with NGO works and Charitable forums - Please tell us your personal biodata and noteworthy experiences.

   We believe that Charmakar community needs  multilevel social forums in every district place. If you want to know its broader idea, read here






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