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  We appeal to all Charmakar community members to deeply ponder over the need of having social forums for the community and explore the possibility of lending support to any such forum in their City or District (local level).

 First of all we expect response from social activists and NGO volunteers who are already engaged in such activities. They should tell us how they are going to support or guide any of the Charmakar forums.

 Multilevel Social Forums:-
Who's Who of prominent people from the community :
       It is must in every city and district place for foundation level work

    Separate forums for all India Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Govt Officers, Business & Industry persons, Professionals, Media persons, Performing Artists

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Who's Who of notable Organizations and Institutions :
        It is must in every city and district place for foundation level work
         Please enlist yourself for our free Who's Who Directory
Business, Trade & Industries :

     Preparing a status paper on Charmakars' contribution and role in business, trade and industry in the country.

     Stories of top achievers and their advice to the community's youth
     Compiling names of industries, people and their Chambers concerned
         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
Development Forum :

     Many Projects could be taken up, for example (i) housing of community members at a District or Tehsil hqrs, with provision of better civic amenities, garden, playground, community hall and educational facility. This will attract rural folks of the community to shift to urban life for better future of their young generation. (ii) industrial cluster development taking benefit of Govt schemes. (iii) construction of Charitable hospital (iv) employment generation or self employment promotion for our community members

Students & Youth :

     Students Help - In priority areas like - (a) Students grievances, (b) Incidents of trouble, harassment over caste discrimination (c) Difficulty in getting scholarship, exam paper rechecking, excess fee payment, denial of laboratory facility etc (d) Appreciating and Rewarding meritorious students

        Youth Programmes - Personality Development, Adventure Sports, Performing Arts,

         Write us who could offer their services to assist Students & Youth forum.
Career & Vocational Guidance:

        (a) aptitude tests (b) coaching for preparation to appear for IAS, IPS, NDA and Defence Forces  and other competitive exams (c) Problem solving and Guiding candidates appearing for interviews in Govt jobs, Banks, Oil Companies, other PSUs 

        Conducting Workshops for Youths : On Business & Industry Entrepreneurship, Startups & MSEs, Self-Employment

         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
In Service Problems :

        (a) Side posting, Isolation (b) Spoiling Confidential Reports (c) Departmental Enquiries (d) Graft allegations (e) Frequent transfers (f) Getting victimized by dominant caste lobbies

         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
Caste Atrocities, Crimes, L&O cases :

      a) helping victims to get their offence registered with police (b) voluntary legal help (c) If possible, fact finding probe of incident by a team of community's prominent persons including - retd Judge, lawyer, doctor, rtd Police officer, rtd Govt officer, Principal/ Headmaster, local prominent person. (d) appeal for peace, amity and harmony (e) refrain from public agitations and demonstrations, as a policy matter.

         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
Women, Children, Old Aged, Differently abled :
        a) It is a priority area needing special aptitude & skills to help distressed women and children, (b) Counseling in matters of family discord (c) Abuse and Victimization (criminal matter) (d) Support to orphans and destitute (e) Employment generation for women - SMIs (f) help to career women who are transferred to new new places - arranging ladies hostel, safe paying guest provision etc. (g) Other imp. issues
         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
Legal Aid Centres :

      Appeal to Lawyers from Charmakar community to come forward and volunteer to help community people on their legal needs. Lawyers may arrange workshops on improving their skills, using IT to facilitate their working, keeping themselves update and understanding newer and upcoming legal nuances and  complexities.

      Render legal aid or guidance in matters of Caste Atrocity Cases, Women and Children's cases, Victimization of Govt Employees (over caste bias), Labour exploitation cases

      Educate and support community people on Reservation provisions, dealing with atrocity cases, fundamental rights, civil rights, pursuing RTI/PIL matters, waging anti-corruption crusade, eradication of evil customs, superstitions and jaadu-tona matters.

         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
Working Class issues :
      Gatai kamgar problems, Labour Exploitation
         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
Help to Poor & BPL sections :
      (a) Medical help, referring to  chartible hospitable, (b) Educational expenses of their school & college going children (c) finding help under Govt schemes and CSR
         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
Matrimonial Forum :

  a) Share info on our community's Vivah Mandals, mostly based in cities and district headquarters. We will display list of these Vivah Mandals on our website for the benefit of people.

         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum
Health Forum :
      a) Share info on our community doctors hospital/ dispensary (b) guide on charitable health care facilities, help on medical matters;
         Write us who could volunteer to help this forum

   We will display all needful information of these all India social forums and help centers on our website. The information received would be scrutinized for facts and correctness, before displaying it on website. We reserve our right to reject any input.




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