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   You always see it and do it : always think what is good or bad for you; how one should think or not; question peoples actions and inactions; think to remain silent or not when people affront with mistrust and misbehave; or debate over any pertinent cause and its relevance or irrelevance.
  Our attempt here is to take notice of such tangible 'undercurrents' and 'trends' developing in the community.


   आप हमेशा देखते रहे है और करते रहे है : जैसे अपने लिए क्या अच्छा या बुरा है; किस तरहसे कोई बात सोचे या व्यक्त करे या नही; किस तरह से प्रश्न खडा करे लोगोंकी अटपटी सक्रीयता तथा निष्क्रीयता पर; क्या चूप बैठे जब अपनेही लोग अविश्वास और असभ्यतासे हावी हो जाए; या बहस करे किसी बातकी उचीत प्रासंगीकता पर या उसकी गैर उपयुक्तता पर. हमारी कोशीश यह है कि, समाज के भीतर उपस्थीत इन अंत:प्रवाही व दृश्यस्वरूप उभरते मुद्दोंकी दखल ले. तथा आपभी इस चर्चामें सहभाग ले :

  Spotlight :
Conversion of Charmakars to Ravidassia Dharma or Buddhism ?
Why budding Caste leaders behave like de-facto rulers of a nation state ?
Is "Chaturvarnya Caste Model" good for you, now? Why?
What is best social model, that's ideal for you?
Has Casteism Vanished & Atrocities stopped? Why?
Tell your own experience of facing worst Casteism
Will caste and casteism ever go ? If not how to survive it ?
Is conversion a remedy to casteism ? To which Religion?
Is migration abroad, better for jobs and quality life?
Tell us RTI/PIL cases which defended your rights.
Did constitutional provisions ever protect your interests?
Did reservations help you, if not, should it go?
Contribution of 4 pillars in eradicating casteism.
Are facebook, whatsapp social mobilization tools.
 Write us in English, or Hindi or Marathi language.



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